Adapt to the DCDC demand of new energy vehicles, and the new E0 series SiC module (Boost) provides 150A current output

Category: News Date: 2023-02-16 17:11 Author: Leapers

With the increasingly prominent problems of environmental pollution and energy crisis, new energy vehicles have received more and more attention. With its advantages of cleanness and efficiency, FCEV have developed rapidly. However, there are some deficiencies in the application ofFCEVin electric vehicles. Due to the characteristics of theFCEV, the output voltage changes greatly, resulting in its inability to meet the requirements of the whole vehicle. The existing FCEV power system generally uses theFCEVsystem external energy reserve system (such as high-voltage battery pack) as the auxiliary power source to improve the dynamic characteristics of the system. Among them, the DC-DC controller ofFCEVvehicles converts the output voltage of theFCEVto a level that matches the DC bus voltage, and adjusts the output power of theFCEVaccording to the power demand of the vehicle and the SOC state of the battery pack or supercapacitor. Therefore, the DC-DC controller of theFCEVis the key component in the power system.

Because the application environment of theFCEV DC-DC controller is relatively special, especially in the conditions of high frequency (≥ 50kHz), high current (output 100-300A), high voltage (output voltage 300-800V) and high integration, the traditional IGBT can not meet this requirement, SiC material is especially suitable for this scenario because of its characteristics of "ultra high frequency", "high voltage withstand", "low conductivity" and "low switching loss". According to the laboratory data, at different frequencies, the efficiency of the converter using SiC is increased by 1% - 3.1% compared with that using Si. These efficiency improvements can significantly reduce the operating cost of theFCEVand the cost of the stack under the same mileage, which is very significant for the production and use ofFCEV.

The E0 series new product DFS09CU12EYQ1 launched by Leapers Semiconductor is specially developed for this application scenario. Boost circuit topology can support the maximum 150A current output, while modules of the same size in the industry can only achieve 100A current output:

Technical characteristics

▶ Blocking voltage 1200V

▶ Rds(on)=9.2mW

▶ Maximum effective current 150A

▶ Rth(j-c)=0.09K/W

▶ Vehicle quality

The E0 series new DFS09CU12EYQ1 module is designed at the vehicle specification level and sealed with epoxy resin to meet the reliability requirements ofFCEVvehicles. Its power density level is outstanding, and its length and width dimensions are only equivalent to about 2.5 dimes. Therefore, this product can meet the demand of different power DC-DC controllers on the market through single connection and parallel connection, especially for newFCEVDC-DC controllers such as multi-in-one and liquid cooling. This product has a high performance-price ratio and is conducive to integration. The application based on SiC significantly improves the efficiency ofFCEVDC-DC controller, which is very beneficial to system cost reduction.

At present, the E0 module has been applied to the DCDC controller of new energy vehicles, achieving the design goal of ≥ 99% conversion efficiency and high integration.

Application areas

▶ New energy vehicle DCDC

▶ Frequency converter

▶ Photovoltaic energy storage

▶ Application scenario of high-frequency switch