Product Categories:SiC

Application Scenarios: Frequency converters, renewable energy, electric vehicles, smart grids, etc

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Product Introduction

The DFS400CU12I4W2 is a Chopper SiC MOSFET Power Module. It integrates high performance SiC MOSFET chips designed for the applications such as Converter and Renewable energy.

Data sheet

Product features

  • >Blocking Voltage 1200V 

  • >low on-resistance RDS(on)

  • >Low Switching Losses

  • >175°C maximum junction temperature

  • >Low Inductive Design 

  • >Si3N4 AMB substrate

  • >Thermistor inside

Product application

Hardware parameters

  • Part Number:DFS400CU12I4W2
  • Type:-
  • Package:ED3
  • Circuit Diagram:Boost
  • Blocking Voltage(V):1200
  • Current(A):400
  • RDs(on)(mΩ):4.4
  • Tjmax(℃):175
  • Substrate material: Si3N4

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