Leapers Launches New 62mm Package SiC Product Portfolio

Category: Product News Date: 2024-02-06 08:52 Author: Leapers

Leapersintroducesanew62mmpackageSiCmoduleproductportfolio,achieving top-tier performance in the industry. The module adopts the widely used 62mm module half-bridge topology design in the industrial field, using high-quality mature chips. It boasts high voltage resistance, outstanding power density, high short-circuit tolerance, and a temperature coefficient 1.4 times better than industry standards. The 62mm SiC module includes voltage resistance specifications of 1200V and 1700V, meeting the demands of high-power applications, especially suitable for applications in the grid, rail transit, energy storage, and large power supplies.

Because of the use of leading-edge chip solutions in the industry and the application of low thermal resistance and low stray capacitance packaging technology, along with the use of Si3N4 AMB low thermal resistance substrate, Leapers's 62mm SiC product excels in power density, short-circuit current withstand capability, thermal resistance, and other capabilities. Particularly under high junction temperature conditions, the module's conduction and switching losses significantly outperform industry standards.

As shown in the figure above, in customer actual tests and applications, compared to mainstream products in the market with 62mm SiC modules under the same Rg conditions, Leapers modules exhibit better performance in conduction, turn-off, reverse recovery losses, and can achieve faster switching speeds. This characteristic provides customers with more flexible choices for application and drive parameter settings.

Technical Features:

—    Voltage resistance options: 1200V or 1700V

—    Outstanding current output capability

—    Temperature coefficient index better than industry standards

—    Low losses, excellent short-circuit current withstand capability

—    Si3N4 AMB, low thermal resistance

Currently, Leapers's 62mm SiC modules have undergone bench tests and received orders, involving applications such as grid inverters and auxiliary inverters for rail transit vehicles. Downstream customers include domestic power grid and overseas rail transit enterprises.

Leapers has been dedicated to the research and production of SiC modules and high-power IGBT modules. This year, Leapers will increase its research and development investment in SiC modules, and a series of new products, including 2200V silicon carbide modules, are expected to be quickly introduced to the market.

Application Areas:

—    Smart Grid

—    Rail Transit

—    Energy Storage, Charging

—    High-Power Power Supplies