Leapers Semiconductor Opens a New SiC Fab to Correspond to Market Challenges

Category: Company News Date: 2022-11-01 09:49 Author: Leapers

Exactly three years ago Leapers Semiconductor has joined the exciting world of power semiconductors. Thanks to the team in Wuxi, China and our R&D located in Kumagaya, Japan, during the past three years we succeeded to introduce to the market a wide range of silicon carbide power modules for various applications like new energy vehicles, smart grid, solar and wind power generation, motor drives, medical equipment, traction, etc.


In Leapers Semiconductor everyone is passionate about power semiconductors. We look forward to the future of electrification with ambitious goals, and this is the reason why by our third birthday we achieved another great milestone.


On October 27, 2022, we have opened our new factory in Wuxi to double the production capacity and correspond to the market challenges with the growing demand for the automotive grade silicon carbide power modules.


And to celebrate such a memorable day for the company and the industry, Leapers Semiconductor held ‘The Third Generation Power Semiconductor SiC Industry Development Technology Forum’.


The Forum became a great platform for the presentations and discussions in the field of silicon carbide held by the leading companies in this area – from the material and packaging solutions to the production processes and reliability control.


All participants and guests had a chance to join the factory tour to learn more about Leapers Semiconductor’s history, the timeline of power semiconductors industry and silicon carbide in particular, take a look at the company’s current product line and sneak a peek at the Leapers Semiconductor’s company and product roadmap.


The local authorities and industry experts highlighted the high level of the SiC modules production automation they have not yet seen at any domestic company in power semiconductors industry. With the commissioning of the new factory Leapers Semiconductor is stepping forward to providing next generation silicon carbide modules to the power electronics market.


A wonderful gala dinner completed this special for the industry and Leapers Semiconductor day.