New in the E0 series:Three-Phase SiC Module for Air Compressors for 800V Platform Electric Vehicles Released

Category: Product News Date: 2022-12-20 18:45 Author: Leapers

The 800V platform has significant advantages over the 400V platform in that it can achieve shorter charging times through fast charging and supercharging, reducing users' range anxiety and improving their experience. In the future, the mainstream supercharging will enable the power battery to be charged from 20% to 80% in 12-15 minutes, while the higher voltage also brings higher efficiency and lower losses. In order to meet the requirements of the 800V platform and improve the efficiency of the whole vehicle, SiC devices have been widely used in OBC, DC/DC, main drive inverter, on-board air compressor, etc.

Unlike traditional fuel vehicles, the air-conditioning system of an electric vehicle is not only responsible for the thermal management of the cockpit, but also the thermal management of the battery system and the thermal management of the electric motor control. The compressor is the heart of the air-conditioning system, and its role is to draw in the low temperature and low pressure gaseous refrigerant from the low pressure side to compress it, make its temperature and pressure rise, and then pump it into the high pressure side to become a high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant, thus reciprocating the cycle to achieve the role of heat exchange between the external environment and the heat of the vehicle system, and therefore the energy consumption of the air-conditioning system of electric vehicles is extremely high, second only to the power energy consumption. According to German IAV research data, the air conditioning system accounts for up to 21% of the energy consumption of a medium-sized electric vehicle in summer.

In addition, the application of air conditioning compressors for electric vehicles is also more specific. In the process of DC fast charging, the power battery will heat up sharply in a short period of time, which requires a 800V high power electric air conditioning compressor to cool down the power battery quickly to ensure the safety and efficiency of charging. In this scenario, the power capacity of the passenger car air conditioning compressor needs to be designed at around 10kW Max. In everyday applications, the user is mostly in light duty conditions: compressor power consumption is typically 300-1000W in spring and autumn, and 1000-2500W in summer and winter.

For reasons such as these, SiC modules are ideally suited to this area: at 800V, high efficiency and low losses can be achieved under both light and heavy load conditions, thus reducing overall vehicle losses and improving mileage, taking full advantage of the 800V platform.

For this reason,Leapers Semiconductorhas launched a new automotive-grade E0 series SiC power module: DFS80FB12EYQ1, with an output current of up to 25A to meet the needs of passenger car air compressors on the 800V platform, with a smaller controller size and higher reliability than traditional discrete devices.

The product is a three-phase SiC module designed with a high-performance automotive grade SiC MOSFET chip in an E0 package.


▶ Blocking voltage 1200V

▶ Rds(on)=80m W

▶ Max. effective current: 25A

▶ On-board quality

This E0 series DFS80FB12EYQ1 module is another option for application compared with the previously launched DFS36FB12EYQ1 module, giving users more choices. The performance specifications of both products can perfectly match the needs of 800V air-conditioning compressors, helping electric compressor manufacturers to fully exploit the architectural advantages of the 800V high-voltage platform, especially to improve the power conversion efficiency of the thermal management system for the whole vehicle in summer and winter.

Of course, the DFS80FB12EYQ1 is also suitable for many other applications, mainly in the following areas.

Application areas

 DC/DC converters

▶ Frequency converter

▶ UPS power supplies

▶ High frequency switch application scenarios

▶ Vehicle air conditioning compressors

In addition, unlike other products in the industry, all series of SiC power modules manufactured by Leapers Semiconductorare with epoxy resin potting to provide excellent thermal performance and higher power density than other competing products, thus meeting the needs of more high reliability and high-performance applications.