Leapers Semiconductor E2 Series SiC Power Modules Offer More Possibilities for UPS Applications

Category: News Date: 2022-09-01 11:23 Author: Leapers

Digitalization, growth of cloud technologies, AI, ongoing pandemic, decarbonization plans, and the other global trends set new standards, requirements, and challenges to power electronics industry, especially to end products like uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

UPS is an electrical system that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. It is used to protect data centers, telecommunication equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries or data loss.

There are 4 main components in an uninterruptible power supply system: rectifier, batteries, inverter, static bypass switch.

Power semiconductors industry has always been the major drive force for power electronics. And with introduction of SiC as the successor of Si it became possible for engineers to provide more compact, power efficient, highly reliable solutions using the new generation power modules. This rule also applies to UPS.

For a long time, thyristors, diodes, and IGBTs were used for rectifiers and inverters of the UPS. However, with the mass introduction of SiC devices it became possible to design more compact and efficient UPS systems.

Today more manufacturers of UPS are searching for the ways to deliver new generation systems with new generation power semiconductors. And many of them tend to choose SiC power modules instead of IGBTs for their new designs.

Leapers Semiconductor’s SiC power modules include top solutions for the UPS industry. Thus, E2 series SiC power modules correspond to all requirements set by UPS manufacturers. All E2 series modules provide best in class low switching losses.

Among other features of E2 modules are:

• 1200 V blocking voltage
• Rdson 4,5-20 mOhm
• Si3N4 DBC
• Thermistor inside
• 175°C max junction temperature
• Low thermal resistance
• High insulation and voltage resistance
• CTI > 400
• High-speed switching

In order to facilitate customers’ requirements to test and simulate the performance of the SiC modules, Leapers Semiconductor offers a demo driver board designed specifically for E2 series.

At the moment Leapers Semiconductor offers 1200 V E2 series modules in Half-Bridge and H-Bridge topologies with Rdson varying from 4,5 to 20 mOhm:

• DFS04HF12EZR1 / Half-Bridge / 4.5 mOhm
• DFS05HF12EZR1 / Half-Bridge / 5.5 mOhm
• DFS09HF12EZR1 / Half-Bridge / 9 mOhm
• DFS09HH12EZR1 / H-Bridge / 9 mOhm
• DFS20HH12EZQ1 / H-Bridge / 20 mOhm

Leapers Semiconductor innovative approach to product development results in high performance products. E2 series is no exception. Now all customers can benefit from these SiC modules to design more efficient and compact product which will not only save time and money for end customers, but deliver long time excellent performance with no additional maintenance system cost.